Better Conditions for German Investors: Serbia and China Eliminate Tariffs

After the ratification of a free trade agreement, the gradual elimination of tariffs between Serbia and China is underway. The recently signed agreement in Beijing outlines a phased reduction of mutual tariffs over the next five years. A wide range of products falls under the provisions of this agreement, including industries such as agriculture, mechanical engineering, and the pharmaceutical industry. The expected implementation is scheduled for mid-2024.

This development will also be of great significance for foreign investors, especially German ones, as products manufactured in Serbia could receive preferential conditions on the Chinese market under certain terms. Primarily, this is a free trade agreement that aims to open borders for Serbian products in China and vice versa, reducing or eliminating tariffs on a variety of products.

Thus, German investors can significantly benefit from this development. From the information published so far, it is not clear whether the agreement also includes investments and services.

However, it should be noted that free trade agreements do not necessarily imply a completely unrestricted trade situation. For instance, the rule of origin is applied, requiring that at least a certain agreed-upon percentage of the products is manufactured in Serbia.

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