Our Team

Business consultant

Pavle Anđelković

Languages: German, English, Serbian, Spanish


Pavle Anđelković is a seasoned Business Consultant with a diverse background in various industries. 

Throughout his career, he has successfully undertaken key roles in different companies, showcasing his expertise in strategic planning, sales, and business development.

Pavle served as the CEO of an IT company in Serbia. He played a pivotal role in defining the company's unique selling proposition and expanding its market presence. Under his leadership, the IT company achieved significant growth, reaching nearly 46,000 customers and single users, with over 600 partner companies.

Prior to this, Pavle served as the Director of New Business Development in Strasbourg, France. He implemented technological innovations and tools to drive business growth and oversaw cross-functional activities in sales, marketing, project management, and more.

Pavle's career also includes substantial experience at "Ernst & Young" in Vienna, Austria, where he served as Auditor, focusing on industrial and consumer products with major clients. He conducted financial audits, assessed business risks, and participated in special projects.

Apart from his professional accomplishments, Pavle is a multilingual, fluent in German, Serbian, and English, and proficient in Spanish.

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