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Unlocking Intellectual Property Value

Effective legal counsel on intellectual property (IP) rights can significantly enhance the worth of your portfolio, irrespective of your industry. These include the thorough assessment of prerequisites for trademark, design, patent, and geographical indication registrations. We also handle the administrative processes associated with registration with the local Intellectual Property Office, which joined WIPO in 1992.

In the IT sector, our team has advised tech companies across several domains and growth stages, spanning from startups to well-established enterprises.

Our services encompass:

  • Copyright Law: Preserving original works of authorship, literature, art, music, and other creative domains.
  • Trademark Law: Safeguarding words, phrases, symbols, or designs that distinguish the origin of goods or services from competitors in the market.
  • Patent Law: Granting inventors exclusive rights to control the production, use, or sale of their inventions for a limited period.
  • Counteracting Product Piracy: Offering legal remedies for IP rights holders impacted by counterfeit goods, including counterfeit designer items and knockoff electronics.
  • Legislation on Trademarks and Commercial Designations: Overseeing trademark registration and usage, as well as other commercial identifiers in Serbia.
  • Personal Rights: Safeguarding individuals’ personal and proprietary interests, encompassing privacy, reputation, and publicity rights.

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