Changes to the procedure at Real Estate Cadaster

As of November 4th 2023, all requests and documents filed to Real Estate Cadaster can be submitted exclusively in e-form, through designated web portal „eŠalter“.

Keeping up with digitalization, Nation Assembly of RS recently adopted Amendments and Supplements to two core laws in the field of real estate, the Law on State Survey and Cadaster and the Law on the procedure for registration in the Real Estate Cadaster and in the Cadaster of Infrastructure. These changes abolish paper form of documents submitted to the Real Estate Cadaster Service and previously applicable procedure, by which natural persons and legal entities could submit their requests as hard copies directly at the counters of Real Estate Cadaster Service.

Professional users, who are allowed to submit requests are:

  1. Lawyers;
  2. Entities providing geodetic services.

All documents submitted by professional users must be digitized, which confirms identity with original ones. In addition, professional users remain responsible for keeping original documents.
Beside professional users, documentation can be submitted as before by some public authorities (notaries, courts, public enforcers), within the scope of their authorizations.
Exceptionally, appeals and other legal remedies, and accompanying evidence can be filed in paper form.

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